Multimedia quizzes
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My dad wants software to create stand-alone multimedia quizzes.

He needs the ability to redistribute them as Windows executables or on the web without the original authoring software. He's not a programmer or a techy; it needs to be really simple, sort of like the old Click & Create software. Does anyone have any ideas? Best would be open source, but I'd be happy to shell out a moderate amount of money. (Up to a hundred bucks, say.)

Any ideas? :)
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Flash would work very well and you could export the .swf files as .exe. They do require simple coding, but source files for this type of thing are readily available all over the web.
posted by banished at 10:12 AM on April 9, 2005

Flash is too expensive if you don't have access to student discounts. And it's probably not simple enough for a confirmed non-techy.

But it's the only tool I know of that can do the job.
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this costs $25. from google (ie never used it myself).
posted by andrew cooke at 1:10 PM on April 9, 2005

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