Help me find a metal clock frame.
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Art Project: I'd like to make a wall clock, using an easy-to-find movement piece and handmade face. The hard part is the frame... Help me find a round metal frame that can be purchased cheaply, perhaps from a hardware manufacturer...

A frame I have in mind would be sort of like a giant metal gasket or cog, hopefully about 8-10" diameter with about 2" depth. I'm having difficulty even knowing what to search for, as I'm not so savvy in a hardware store. It could look polished, or gritty/industrial. At this point I'm more interested in the proper shape than texture, as long as it's metal. I'd also like not to have to have it cut or worked with further. There's gotta be something out there!
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Have you thought about using a metal pie plate, or a round cake/jelly mold? You could find something plain, or shapely (fluted?) that might work quite well.
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Klockit are the folks for clock movements. Ebay turns up bunches of gears and cogs, or if you have a particular look in mind you could draw what you want and have a place like Emachineshop whip it up.
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have you checked out your local thrift stores yet? there's gotta be something good there if you get creative...think about stacking different items to give it some depth. a tip for drilling holes in metal: make sure to use a few drops of oil (3-in-one or any other machine oil...very cheap stuff available at any hardware store) on your drill bit, otherwise it wil take forever and ruin your bit...
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Best answer: I don't know that this would be the size you're looking for, but look up pie crust shields. They're made to cover the edges of a pie crust so they don't burn while baking.
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Maybe look for industrial pipe fittings? Is there a junkyard in your city, or one of those antique stores that looks older than the stuff it holds? I found some photos of industrial cogs - that might be a search term for you.

Another idea is to use the lid from a can of popcorn or a decorative cookie container.
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Response by poster: pie crust shields. brilliant!

all good ideas. the thrift shop would be great for a one-time project, but depending on the success of the first, i may try to produce them regularly.
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