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Free or inexpensive resources for learning Brazilian Portuguese?

I practice capoeira and it's starting to become awkward when I go to events and I don't speak any Portuguese. I can't understand the words to the songs unless I know the songs already, and workshops and socializing kind of requires it. I'm not worried about practicing with Portuguese speakers.
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FSI Language Courses from the State Department.
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Follow the links on this page. There are extensive videos, podcasts, and a comparison of Spanish and Portuguese that is very similar to the FSI materials mentioned above.

The Tá falado podcasts, Portuguese communication exercises, and the Portuguese reading workshop are all extremely useful. The communication exercises include videos of Brazilian speakers from all different regions starting with simple beginner's tasks, like counting to ten, and moving into advanced constructions like "Life without electricity would be different in these ways..."
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See if your local library offers Mango Languages on their database page. They probably also have other language learning materials as well.
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The Lonely Planet Brazilian Portuguese Phrasebook is very good for learning the proper pronunciation. It has three columns for the phrases: English, Portuguese, and an English phonetic version of the Portuguese that when you read it sounds exactly how the Portuguese phrase should be pronounced.

Sonia Portuguese is an interesting free site with a lot of cultural info added as well.
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Listen to slow Brazilian music. I like Seu Jorge, Ana Carolina, Vanessa Da Mata, and Chico Buarque. Find the Portuguese lyrics online, as well, and compare as you listen- it's a good way to get some new vocabulary and familiarize yourself with the cadence of the language.
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