Where can I get more in-depth information on actress Pier Angeli.
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Any ideas on where I could find more information on Italian actress and ex-james dean's girl, Pier Angeli?

So i'm really interested in the life of italian actress Pier Angeli, but all of the information I find out about her seems to be lacking and I've been searching for months on end for something...more. What do you know about her? Any ideas on where I can find some more rare information on her? Better yet, more information on her relationships (james dean, vic damone etc) I've purchased several old magazines but I just feel like there is so little information and there just HAS to be more out there.
Any help would be great! I'm dying to know more about her.

P.S. Bonus points to someone who can also tell me where I'd be able to buy her biography. yes, i've tried Amazon but I ordered the book and october and the seller never sent. B&N and the actual publisher sent me an email saying they were out of stock. I've called, literally, every rare and used book store in chicago that I could find and still no luck.

thanks in advance.
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also sorry for the poor grammar etc typed this in a hurry and didn't realize that there was no way to edit a post once it was up...
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World Cat shows some libraries in the Chicago area that have Jane Allen's biography. You might try inter-library loan. Otherwise, try a ProQuest search for more newspaper and magazine stories about her. Here's a Google magazine search.
Many public libraries and college libraries have ProQuest for free.
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It's in stock at Amazon. Bit pricey, though.
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