Where can I find the movie 'The Highwayman' (1951)?
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I'm desperately trying to find a copy of the movie 'The Highwayman' (1951) or at least a copy of the script or transcript of the film. I cannot find it anywhere, does anyone have any ideas where I can look?
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Try the Library of Congress. I found a script of a 1950s television show my mother appeared in by going through NBC's master broadcast reports now housed at the LOC. It took about six months of searching (once every two weeks on my day off) but I did find it.
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I can't seem to find any mention of the movie being released on DVD or VHS.

WorldCat did come up with The Highwayman: screenplay, 1951 Jan. 24, by Henry Blankfort and Alfred Noyes. It looks as though it's only available from the Ohio State University library, and available for use in library only.
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Try emailing some of the people on this list, but leave the "desperately" out of it.
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