Where Can I Get My Site Ripped Apart?
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I want to make my site better. Where do I go to ask about that?

Back in the day I had a few go to fora for asking about my websites and how I could make them better. Some of these seem to have gone downhill since then, although it could also be that they were never really that good to begin with and I didn't know better.

So where do people go these days to get a website reviewed? The problem with my old hangouts so far has been that I haven't gotten many replies, and in some cases those replies were just about worthless.

It's a retro gaming site, in case there are any good gaming fora where I could also get some good feedback. Those curious enough here to want to know can check the profile and easily know what site I'm wanting to get checked out. But I'm not putting up a link here because this question is more about where I can get advice and not about getting advice here.

I'd really prefer free fora over anything I'd have to pay for since I don't exactly have extra money to throw around. You get what you pay for, I know. I can live with that.
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I'll throw some comments at you if you MeFi me your site. I'm no professional, but I can comment about what is good and bad and what I would like to see and where.
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MeFi Projects?
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Response by poster: Part of why it isn't there is because I don't think it's ready for that yet. I know it will never be perfect, but I want it to be as good as possible before it goes up over there. I see it as more of a "Look at my awesome thing" and think it would be a disservice to use it to make my site better.

And there's a certain point that I want to get to post wise before it goes there. Trust me, it's coming. At this rate in a month or two.
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Perhaps http://webmasters.stackexchange.com/?
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You might want to do a quick heuristic evaluation yourself. (I almost sent you just a link to this recent comment.)

The results of that should give you some direction.
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This won't help you learn how others perceive your site's design, but I strongly suggest running your site through GTmetrix. It'll identify specific ways you can improve how quickly your site loads.
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