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I’m looking for a purse with several credit/debit card holders that hold the card(s) snugly but are easy to remove for someone with severe arthritis in their hands (think claws). Recipient is in their 70’s, female, with plain tastes. We’re in the UK so it’d be great if the item could be a) purchased online with guarantee of delivery before Xmas or b) bought in a department store like Marks & Spencer or Debenhams.
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Not exactly what you're talking about, but when I first saw this thing I thought it would be ideal for people with finger mobility problems. Of course, it's a bit bulky and not at all 'plain'.
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This is a wallet rather than a purse, but I have an accordion wallet similar to this one, and I find that it holds credit cards etc. securely but are easy to take out if you only put one card per slot.
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If I was in this situation, I'd make a small hole in the top corner of each card with a punch. Then, I'd place a small button/rivet or ring in the corner of each card. Nothing huge like a keyring, basically something flat enough that you could still slide the card into a holder where the bottom half of it goes in. Even the slightest grabbing point can make a big difference.

I would NOT do this to my ATM card or any card that might have to be sucked fully into some reader. But for any of my credit cards where I just swipe it would be fine. Make sure not to punch the hole on the magnetic stripe or any holograms etc.
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My advice would be to go to one of the near big stores, explain the problem and see if they will let you try out the wallet. Otherwise, something with soft fabric rather than leather may help - Accessorize do a lot of fabric purses and wallet.s
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This wallet might work. I have one very similar, and there are large pockets on either side, where cards can be kept loosely. They open by pushing down on the button on top, and click shut, so would be easy for someone with limited hand mobility to use.

I'm not in the UK, obviously, but have started seeing more of these hard sided wallets on this side of the ocean, so you might be able to find something similar.
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Thank you for your help everyone.
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