Snow-proofing boots without darkening them
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Can I snow/water-proof my new boots without darkening them substantially?

I bought this pair of Red Wing chukkas last week. Now that it's starting to snow kinda seriously where I live, I need to make them more water and snow resistant!

It seems products like Obenauf's, Sno-Seal, and mink oil might do the trick, but they can darken the leather pretty substantially (especially the Obenauf's). I really like the color of the shoes right now and would prefer not to change it significantly...

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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I use protectant spray on my shoes every winter, and have never had a problem with darkening. That stuff is only really an issue if your shoes are white or very light in colour, for brown shoes and standard protectant spray it shouldn't be a problem.
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Silicone or other non-wax treatments in water bases don't change colour much, in my experience. I prefer a wax-treatment for waterproofing, but the silicone stuff isn't bad. Nikwax makes one that they advertise as non-colour changing.
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Kiwi makes a neutral polish that they say doesn't change the color of your shoes and it's fairly waterproof in my experience, but I used it on combat boots so YMMV.
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I use nikwax, it has a warning on the bottle that it might slightly darken leather, but I haven't noticed it doing that.
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