What do drink while hunting the deadly walleye?
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Potent Potables: Ice fishing edition. I'm in charge of the non-beer booze for an ice fishing weekend. Suggestions?

I'm joining an old friend and his two brothers-in-law for ice fishing in Minnesota next month. We'll be out on the ice for about 36 hours (apparently the ice house they're renting is plush by ice fishing standards -- propane heat, some kind of surface to sleep on, etc.) The other three guys are taking care of food and beer. I was asked for non-beer alcohol. Any suggestions from experienced ice fishers? This is a first for me. I happen to like vodka, and none of the other three expressed strong preferences or aversions to anything, really.

Bonus points if you can give me a recipe for an interesting, powerful (and tasty) concoction. Extra points if concoction has a frightening, manly name.
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A bottle of Jack Daniels
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Good whiskey. Have you seen Pendleton Whiskey? Its a nice sipper.
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Norwegian aquavit. Take it from the original men of the seas.
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Aquavit is definitely fitting with the theme.

Jaegermeister is more of a woodsy than ice-hut-y drink, but I think it also fits.

Both of those will probably be objectionable to most people, however.

A more pleasing, but thematic, choice would be some kind of vodka from northern Europe.

Schnapps is a trusted friend to many a northern plains outdoorsman. Not as drunk-inducing as hard liquor, not as urine inducing as beer.
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Rumplemintz is potent and delicious ice cold.
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Schnapps is the classic ice fishing belly warmer.
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Makers Mark is the drink of choice in these parts. I think it's awful but ymmv.
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I spend an inordinate amount of time on frozen Minnesota lakes, so I'll give you the local opinion. There are three acceptable ice fishing beverages. Mich Golden Light, Blackberry Brandy and Schnapps. That's all anyone has, and that's all anyone drinks.
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Bourbon and lots of it. Midwest? US? Winter?

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+1 on the rumplemintz. unlinke many a syruppy concoction that bears the name 'peppermint schnapps' it is not too sweet and packs a big wallop proof-wise.

rumplemintz + instant hot cocoa packets + small gas canister camping stove to heat water = teh happyz in the great outdoors!
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Hot buttered rum. Buy or make a batter, get some decent rum, and you're all set. You'll have something to heat it up with water, then add rum and enjoy! Harvey's batter is amazing. i like saying "batter."
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Ginger Brandy
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Thanks as usual.
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