Moving train Christmas ornament
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Ornament help! Need a battery-operated moving train ornament for a sentimental Christmas gift.

My husband described an ornament he had as a child. It was a train on a track that, with battery power, circled around the track. It was large-ish but would still hang on the tree. He is not usually sentimental but got a bit choked up talking about it. For a variety of reasons the ornament from his childhood is long gone.

One of the traditions we have is to get one another an ornament for the tree each year. I would love to recreate this childhood memory for him this year.

I searched Bronner's online, Amazon, local stores, etc.

Help! Thank you.
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This one isn't battery-operated, it winds up instead. But it is an ornament with a train moving around a track. If that doesn't work, this one has a moving train on a track inside, but it's from Thomas Kinkade, which is definitely not for everyone.
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Could it be this one? It isn't battery operated, it plugs into one of the light sockets.
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We got this Christmas Tree Train, which attaches to the tree trunk and then the train circles around on tracks that seem to float in the tree. It's pretty much awesome! There are some cons (sound can be annoying, track can be cumbersome to put on real trees), but the pros greatly outweigh them!

It might not be exactly what you're looking for, but it could start a great new tradition! We also put it on the tree after our lights are on, so I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to attach it to a tree that's already decorated.
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Any chance it was one of these Hallmark Light and Motion ornaments? I definitely remember these from when I was a kid in the 80s.

Village Express

Country Express

Metro Express

Children's Express

Continental Express
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Awesome, thanks! From his description I am not sure it was a train enclosed in a globe but those are pretty neat and I think will fit the bill.
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