Internet connection is down
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Time Warner Internet service is out. Who do I call?

Tried calling their customer service number over the past two days; just get a recordin indicating that there is a service outage in my area. No details.

Located in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan.

Any web site out there that tracks this stuff?

Anything I can diagnose on my own to fix?

I have a Windows 7 laptop and a MacBook Pro.

Thanks for any advice.
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Response by poster: (Posting this question via my iPhone's cell service....)
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The first thing I'd try is changing your DNS server to either OpenDNS or Google's DNS. There was a huge Comcast outage a couple weeks ago that was caused by their own DNS servers — those who weren't using them were fine.
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Response by poster: Changing the DNS server doesn't do anything.
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Best answer: Roadrunner Self-care will give you some troubleshooting steps to work thru.

The Road Runner Network Status page
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Best answer: Are you calling (212) 358-0900 or 800 OK CABLE? I've had luck calling the 800 number and following the prompts for new customer/add services. That gets me to a human being who can transfer me to an internet support rep. I always explain to them that I've already heard the recording, don't want the automated troubleshooting menu, want to speak to a human, etc. Good luck.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions. This seems to have miraculously resolved itself over night....
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In the future, if you have a service outage, you just wait until it's repaired. There is nothing you can do to fix something that is out of your hands.
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