Wii need a game for my mom.
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For Christmas my mom asked for Family Feud on the Wii, but this review makes the game sound pretty bad. What game might she like instead?

My mom doesn't play any games harder than farmville, so casual is a necessity. Games for group play are a plus.
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That article is on Family Feud: Decades, but there's a version from last year called Family Feud: 2010 Edition with marginally better reviews.
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Even badly-reviewed games are usually enjoyed by someone. If your mom specifically asked for Family Feud, go ahead and get it for her. Maybe she'll really love it, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you got her what she wanted for Christmas. If it turns out she hates it, you can take her to a buy/sell/trade place and let her pick out something else, with no harm done.
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Maybe your mom is different, but most people ask for specific things because they want specific things. Not the things other people think they should like better.
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Get her what she asks for. If it turns out to be a disappointment, that's not your fault.
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Maybe check out the Giant Bomb quick look of the 2010 edition? If she likes Family Feud, it's probably not that bad.
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amyms, gjc, & Chocolate Pickle, sorry, I could have explained this a little better. My mom is looking for a game that she will enjoy, so when the rest of her family is gathered around the TV then she can join in too. She thinks this is that game, but if the game is really as bad as that review says then we won't want to play it with her, and it won't be such a good pressent.

My question is, "do you know of a game similar to Family Feud that we might enjoy more?"

gjc, maybe you're different, but most people ask a question because they want an answer. If I wanted to buy something for my mom that I thought she wouldn't like then I would have just done that.
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You might look at the Family Game Night series. I think they just released version 3. Personally, my favorite Wii game is Williams Pinball Hall of Fame. It's easy, just uses two buttons and holds my kids interest. I prefer short simple games that don't really have much of a learning curve. Oh, and Wii Resort is another one that's fun and easy to pick up. It does require some new sensor that attaches to the controller so that makes it a little more expensive but everyone around here seems to like it.
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Trivia Pursuit for the Wii has been enjoyed by my family and friends. It is by no means perfect but it works as an occasionally plaid party game. On the plus side, it supports 4 Wiimotes so you can get a lot of people directly involved.
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My mom bought the Wii Family Feud game for my uncle for Christmas last year - it's his favorite game show. After opening gifts, we all gathered around the tv and played it. And it was not particularly fun. My family is BIG on game-playing, both board and video, and we abandoned FF after two games. I mean, it wasn't TERRIBLE, but it didn't do much to hold our interest. If I remember correctly, too, it seemed like a game went on forever.

We do much better at Wii games when they're shorter - like the Wii Play games and the Carnival games and even the generic Wii sports games.

Another game we all enjoy is Mario Party and Mario Kart. Both Mario Party and Mario Kart are fairly easy to pick up.
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Dude, get her what she asked for and something you think will be better. Get the bonus disc used.
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If you don't think she'd be offended by it looking too much like a kid's game, I'd second Mario Party. Mario Kart can get frustrating past the first few levels, but Mario Party is a good all-ages title.

If you do think she'd be offended and you can afford it, get her newer Family Feud (there are some 5 star reviews on amazon, it might not be all bad) and give Mario Party to a younger family member.
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You mention that she likes Farmville and group games. What else does she like?

One of the older ladies in my life loves the Endless Ocean games, but they're probably not the multiplayer experience you have in mind.
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