Keychain Device to Track Phone?
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ChristmasGiftFilter: Looking for some sort of keychain-sized device that will beep when the user's cellphone gets too far away.

So I'm looking for a specific Christmas gift, basically the person wants a keychain-size or similar device that will make some sort of noise when it gets too far away from the person's cellphone (an iPhone, if it matters). I've seen the Bluetooth Bracelet from ThinkGeek, but I'd prefer something a little less...flashy, I guess. More like something that would stay in a purse or bag and make noise if the phone gets left behind.

Bluetooth or RFID would be fine; RFID might be kind of cool for the ability to track more than one item but I know Bluetooth might be a bit cheaper or easier to find.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!
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This little thingie is at Staples is for keys but may work with a little ingenuity.
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Response by poster: Thanks Sushma, the only problem with that product is that it's passive rather than active--It looks like you press the button when you want to locate the device. I'm looking for something that's more active and will let me know when the phone gets too far away.
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Best answer: The PhoneHalo Protect Tracker seems to fit the bill. Available from Amazon.
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Response by poster: That looks perfect, essexjan, thanks!
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Response by poster: ...Although, on further review, it's not available on the iPhone :( It has said "coming soon" since at least March. Not a good sign, I'd say. A shame too, it looked really cool.
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This looks like it might work; it was linked on the Amazon page for the phone halo and claims to work with any Bluetooth phone.
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Maybe check this out?
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Response by poster: Yeah, I saw the ZOMM thing, but the downside is that according to the reviews, it won't work if you have a Bluetooth headset. That's something I hadn't really considered being a problem and it's sort of a dealbreaker for the device.

It's a shame there isn't some sort of RFID sticker and an associated reader to keep track of it. Seems like that would be useful for more than just cell phones. Guess the technology just isn't quite there yet.
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