Philly Spa Recommendations
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What are your favorite spas in downtown Philadelphia (preferably near Rittenhouse Square or within reasonable walking distance of Market St Station)?

This would be a xmas gift for my mum, probably a gift certificate enough for a relaxing 2+ hour facial or massage (or if you have other suggestions).

I don't go to spas, so if you have an idea what these things cost, that would be useful information as well. My budget is between $100 and $200, but I'd spend more if it is worth it.

Thanks for your advice.
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(Also, I can use Google, so please no Google-scraping. Thanks in advance.)
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My favorite is Eviama on 16th near Locust, have been going there for years. It may not be for everyone though, as the ambience is a little on the new-agey side. It doesn't have that instant feeling of entering a soothing, cocoon-like environment that you get at some spas, but the people there are wonderful. You can get a facial and massage (both) there for around $200. For $100 you'll only be able to get one service at most spas.

I've been to Topper's on 19th St. (just a block from Rittenhouse Square) a few times and they have more of the total spa experience, where it feels like you've left the city behind. But it's a local chain with a few locations (I think it's just local) and feels a little more impersonal to me.
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I am going to second eviama. I know people who worked there and its a top notch spa.
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