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How come Foursquare (and a few other apps) disappeared from my iPhone 3G after it was jailbroken, and can I get them back?

Jailbroke/unlocked my iphone 3G so that I can use it while traveling for 2 weeks in England. Process involved PwnageTool > FuzzyDownloader > Ultrasn0W and seemed to go perfectly. However, I noticed a few oddities:

1) I can see Foursquare in iTunes. I can move it to different iPhone screens and even into my Social Apps folder. But even after syncing it will NOT transfer to the iPhone. No error messages. Just won't do it. I tried deleting the app and then re-downloading it from iTunes with no luck. This is not a huge deal, but I was hoping to play 4Square while in England.

2) Default Map app disappeared completely. No sign of it in iTunes or on the phone. I really wanted this app for our trip. I can go to and use the browser-based app, but not the same.

3) Default Notes app disappeared completely. I can understand that positioning apps above, but Notes?
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Not totally clear but did you try downloading 4sq to the phone itself via the app store? That is, do you still have the app store on your phone and can you just download to the phone directly via wifi?

Can you find these apps by searching for them [i.e. swipe to the left and type foursquare into the search box] using the phone's search tool? If so there may be some issue with the icon and not the app itself. There are some Cydia apps [most notably the category/folder type apps] that can obscure icons that you'd expect to see so the first thing to figure out is whether the app is on the phone but not visible, or if the app is not on the phone.

Don't know when you leave, but I get back to town on Sunday night and would be happy to look at this on Monday if that's still an option.
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Good call on using search, jessamyn! Hadn't considered it. Searching finds the apps and allows me to use them. But still not sure how to get the icons to show up. That is less important, but I welcome ideas.
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Ok, figured it out. SBSettings app has a hide icons feature and apparently some are defaulted to OFF.
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Yay! Glad to help. I have had a very similar problem before.
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