Which Vonnegut novel has the most Trout in it?
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VonnegutFilter: Which Kurt Vonnegut novel is the Kilgore Troutiest?

My dad is playing Kilgore Trout in a local production of "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater" and I'd like to supply him with a little background reading while he preps for the role. I'd say he's an average Vonnegut fan (meaning he has certainly read "Slaughterhouse Five" and probably "Breakfast of Champions") but anything suggestions are welcome.
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As I recall, it would be Breakfast of Champions.
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Yes, I think BoC and SH5 are your best bet. Two other books that might be useful are Timequake and Galapagos (spoiler: narrated by Trout's son).
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DarkForest and gerryblog have mentioned the main ones. The only one I can think of besides those is Jailbird.
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Why not get him a copy of Venus on the Half-Shell?
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I'm not sure how much reading he's interested in doing, but you could suggest things by or about Theodore Sturgeon--his short fiction is very good, and might provide some background and insight.
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Seconding Theodore Sturgeon, who was the inspiration for Kilgore Trout (though the character is more representative of golden age pulp SF writers in general, and Vonnegut himself in particular), and was all-around awesome--very much an exception to that law of his.

To actually answer the question, though... *ahem*

I'd most recommend Galápagos for the purpose, since it sheds a lot of light into the character's inner workings. (That said, I generally wouldn't recommend it otherwise, as it's not exactly Vonnegut's best work IMO.)
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If you're interested in Kilgore Trout, I might recommend Venus on the Half-Shell.
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Why Venus on the Half-Shell? Vonnegut had nothing to do with it.
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