Anniversary-worthy seafood in Toronto?
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Good seafood/fish in Toronto without breaking the bank?

Monday is our anniversary, and of course we would like to go out somewhere nice. Mr. Scrute would like to eat fish or seafood, although it doesn't necessarily need to be a seafood restaurant.

So, Torontonians, please help me! Given that its December, we don't want to spend a fortune (mains between 18-25 if possible) but I really want the food to be good and the restaurant to be nice.

PS - We're open to different cuisines, although we'd rather not go Asian (simply because we eat it a lot).
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Malena, which is at Ave & Dav, is pricier than you're looking for -- mains 25-35 -- but lovely room, with great, non-snotty service, and excellent food. Very seafood oriented, but with some meat dishes.

The single best dining experience I've had in Toronto recently was at Woodlot at Bathurst & College. Food is great, with some seafood on the menu, though it's more meat oriented. And the prices there are incredibly reasonable. Totally useless resto website link. Scan of slightly out of date but fairly representative menu. Me raving about my dinner at Woodlot.
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The Atlantic! it's on dundas near....i want to say brock. it's been described as the Black Hoof of seafood. tapas-style, totally affordable especially if you go with a couple people and share. I went on my 3-years-in-toronto anniversary in the summer and was totally blissfull and stuffed to my gills and in love with everything. so yummy.
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Yes "custard heart", the Atlantic restaurant is indeed on Dundas near Brock Ave. Between Brock Ave. and Sheridan Ave.
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