Where Can I Find You, Me, and World War Three?
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Where can I find a digital download (MP3 or other) of "You, Me, and World War Three" by Gavin Friday? I found it on Youtube, but while it's high quality, there are some ugly artifacts in the audio.

The song is from this album, which was stolen from my car. :-( I don't feel like buying the CD again, so I'm wondering if there's somewhere I can download it. I've checked iTunes and Amazon MP3.

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There's a copy here, if you're okay with kinda sketch Russian filehosting sites. The mix is a bit different from the one in your Youtube link, but the quality sounds fine to me (but so did the Youtube, so I may not be a very good judge).
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Oh, about the mix, it looks like the one in your video is the version from Friday's album Shag Tobacco, while the one at my link is the version from the Mission: Impossible soundtrack. So, if you had the M:I OST, that's probably the version you're thinking of.
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