Mac mp3 stream players?
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What Mac software should I use for listening to mp3 streams?

I stream a lot of albums off a private Andromeda server. iTunes is sort of annoying: I have to delete streams from my library after listening, and Andromeda playlists arrive out of order (I believe these are .pls files?) Are there better programs for this, or am I using iTunes incorrectly?
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Open the URL in Quicktime player (You'll get a popup list of tracks on the right of the controller, or at least you do with m3u's).
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I've been pretty happy with Audion, which works a lot more like an MP3 player than the database-driven iTunes. Audion is no longer in active development, but I don't have any problems with it.
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iTunes or Real Player. I find that MP3 streams sound appalling through VLC on OS X (although that may be a problem with my set-up).
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