Concerto competitions for big kids
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Concerto competitions open to random university students? They must exist.

I'm a music student (piano performance major) at a public university in WI. Planning on participating in my school's concerto competition in February and probably one at a summer music program, but I'd like to find other competitions and do those too. (Might as well; I've got my concerto learned and it would be fun, could get some experience etc.) Most competitions seem to be either limited to high school students or meant exclusively for students of a particular university.

Are there programs that are:
a) Open to university students / 18+
b) Preferably in or near WI. (But road trips are cool.)

--Relaxed or prestigious, I don't mind. I'd like to hear about it either way.
--With a professional orchestra would be awesome. The orchestra associated with the competition at my school is composed of students...not a bad thing, but playing with a real orchestra would be mind-blowing. :-)

If you know of anything, or know where to look for them, please tell!!
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(Non-prestigious by any means but really fun category.)

Most civic orchestras have concerto competitions, but they're usually held around the beginning of the season, so you might be too late. Anyway, here's a neat list of people you could call (I realize you were looking for a more straightforward answer, but you'll have to do the bulk of the work).
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By the way, I looked at a few of those links, and several civic and/or professional orchestras seem to feature past high-school competition winners (presumably college students now), but there are no official competition announcements anywhere. It seems that a phone call really might be the way to go here.
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Are there any national/international piano societies you could join? I am part of the International Double Reed Society, through which I hear about the major oboe concerto competitions.
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