Stern Re-Signs, I celebrate by car radio shopping. Any Suggestions?
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Looking for options to replace my dying car radio/cd player and the separate satellite radio unit that plays thru the radio. Would like as few pieces to install as possible, hopefully something that's all in one and preferably $250 or under. Any recommendations?

My CD player died dramatically (or was possibly replaced by a tiny ninja seeing as how fast that CD whipped out of it) and the 'empty' station I pushed Sirius to has developed bleed over from a Spanish speaking station that seems have gotten a frequency boost as of late.

I'd like a CD player, a standard radio (HD is nice but not a must), and Sirius Satellite. I'd like to control everything thru the main interface on the stereo, rather than thru two units like I have currently (Sirius is mounted below my shifter on the center console while the main radio is in the dashboard).

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations? Please note that I'll most likely have the unit professionally installed, but I don't consider that service part of the price of the system.

(And yes, I have been waiting to ask this question until after we knew if Stern was going to re-sign. If he didn't, I'd have cancelled my service and went to Wal-Mart and bought the cheapest CD player available.)
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Best answer: Page full of Sirius adapters on Crutchfield

I'm not sure on prices total, seems that there are Sirius adapters allowing you to control through newer radio/CD players from about any maker you'd be interested in. And if you find what you want on their site, maybe you can call around locally to see who will both sell and install it for you.

I know that many people have real aversion to Best Buy but I've had fair luck with them, also bought a player from Sears once and they contracted with a local guy who came to my house and did the install of the stereo and new speakers, too.

As far as brands, I'm like all sold on JVC but they're all likely made by the same plant in Japan (or wherever) and then have different faceplates shoved onto the front and jammed into a box and sold as whatever.
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Best answer: I have and love this head unit, it has CD, Bluetooth, USB and on-screen (or in hand, your choice on the fly) iPod/iPhone interface. Add one of these and you'll be able to control Sirius on the head unit too. Shop around locally, I got mine + installation at an independent car audio shop for less than $250.
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