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Where to buy non spandex yoga pants for adults? Inspired by the, uh ... comment trend in a previous thread.
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Best answer: Cottonique is the only source I've found. Even Dharma Trading has spandex in the waistbands.
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Best answer: Try - I've bought soft comfy cotton yoga pants from there.
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Best answer: lululemon?
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Response by poster: Thank you.
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Lululemon yoga pants are fucking amazing. You will spend an inordinate amount of time admiring your own ass in the mirror.

I mean, so I hear.
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Unfortunately, Lululemon pants are 15% spandex. They're good pants, but if your main criterion is avoiding spandex, no such luck.

I bet merino wool yoga pants would be up your alley. This pair is 100% merino. I've also seen woven yoga pants, but I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for. Are you avoiding all synthetic materials or is it the stretchiness you don't want?
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If you happen to recall Chi Pants, Gramicci offer 90% of the flexibility with 50% of the cost. I have climbed, and have done yoga, in the same Gramicci trousers I wear to work. You can try them quite cheaply if you buy them at Sierra Trading Post. Check individual styles for the content; most are 100% cotton.
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