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Office bet... Who is singing the song on Warning. Autoplay pop music plays blaringly loud on site load. Google-fu is failing us all.
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Google doesn't recognize the lyrics, so that tells me it's something commissioned for this project specifically, or so obscure that nobody knows about it anywhere.
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Contact the site and ask.
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Shazam on my iPhone didnt recognize it - and Shazam usually knows all.
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These guys will probably have more info.
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I know this post is a few days old now, but here's the message I got from Shoe Carnival's customer support:

Thank you for your email and interest in Shoe Carnival.

The song is "I Want It All" by Jessy Moss, altered for Shoe Carnival's
use. The song won't be available for download on iTunes until the our
holiday campaign ends.

Kind regards.
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