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Looking for intense, fast, "OMG WE HAVE TO DO THIS SPY-TYPE THING AND GET OUT OF THE BUILDING BEFORE IT EXPLODES!" songs that are between 4 and 5 minutes long. Details inside.

The song should ideally have the same intensity level throughout - no quiet lulls.

("Mombasa" from the Inception soundtrack is a perfect example [the track on the album is 4:54].)

Extra bonus if there is some sort of significant musical beat at or very near the 4 minute mark.

Songs slightly longer than 5 minutes are okay, songs shorter than 4 minutes are completely out.

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Is "4 Minutes to Save the World" too blatant of a description of what you're looking for?
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Spybreak by The Propellerheads?
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Sometimes, when I have to do something really boring, like wash dishes or clean up junk around my house, I put on the soundtrack to the TV show 24 by Sean Callery (actually, I put on an edited subset of it that's just the exciting numbers, because I am that cool).

I only have one random volume, and there's only a couple >4 minute tracks on it, one of which is the theme song, and the others of which are not consistently thrilling, but there's multiple seasons of this stuff out there. Style-wise, though, its extremely similar to the track you linked. I'd check the newer comps and see if there are any longer tracks that fit. It's heart-pounding!
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The Saint by Orbital.
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Also, SOMA FM (which you can find in most Internet radio lists) has a station called Secret Agent which is chock full of this kind of music.
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Dennis Steals the Embryo from Jurassic Park?
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Hotei Tomoyasu - Battle Without Honour or Humanity of Kill Bill fame? (Link is to longer version but plenty to choose from that would fit your parameters)
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Intense, fast, thrilling but victorious: Instant Remedy's version of Commando theme
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Best answer: The go-to "dramatic soundtrack" of Youtube amateurs everywhere, Stockholm Syndrome by Muse. Bit of vocals though. Not sure if that's allowed?
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Best answer: Seconding Spybreak.

Another possibility: Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go

You might also look into Boom Boom Satellites - here's Easy Action, but they've got several songs that give me that kind of feeling.

(both those last two have vocals - like so_necessary, not sure that's what you're after)
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Maybe it has too much of an old-school feel, but it is very tense to my ear, and I always think of that kind of old spy movie where they have to do this thing when I hear it:

"Twiggy Twiggy," by Pizzicato Five. (It's actually exactly four minutes long.)
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Best answer: "A Pressing Need to Save the World" by Murray Gold.

I would pore through the entire Run Lola Run score and see if anything strikes your fancy.
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"sabotage" by the beastie boys?
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Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op by Mark Motherbaugh from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
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Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
Step 1: Go to Amazon mp3 downloads.
Step 2: search for "mission impossible"
Step 3: sort them in time order. You'll find a number of versions that clock in between 4 to 5 minutes. Sample them, pick one you like.

If you are caught or killed, Mathowie will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
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Best answer: Ever wonder where all that intense trailer music comes from? There's a group called Immediate Music that specializes in making overblown songs for movie trailers. I don't know if this is the sort of thing you want, but they've churned out hundreds of these tracks.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses! I've marked the ones that'll fit my purposes as best answers, though they're all excellent songs.
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I can't find it on youtube, but my favorite song that fits this is "Double Density" by Four Tet.
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The Matrix Reloaded soundtrack fight scene music is good for this.
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