Any good photography workshops in Boston?
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I am looking for a photography workshop in Boston (or maybe NYC) that is less than $500, lasts a weekend or less, and is targeted to folks with near pro level skills

Hi all,

I am looking for an advanced photography workshop that meets the following criteria:

- 3 days or less
- Over a weekend
- Geared towards folks with already advanced level skills (not looking for a "basics" or "intro" class).
- Focus on composition
- Located in Boston (or if not NYC)
- Less than $500

One on one time with a well known pro who focuses on landscape or art photography would also be good.

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Not sure about Boston, but New York has ICP. And they have a variety of really great weekend workshops for under $500.

Hope you'll find what you're looking for!
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The New England School of Photography is worth looking into. I can recommend them based on personal, but not very recent, experience. Good folks, reasonable prices. Instruction extends from beginner to advanced.
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Give FindPhotoWorkshops a look. It's pretty current and well-maintained.

One tip: there's lots of drama in the photo workshop world right now. Since there's money to be made on the speaking circuit, many inexperienced photographers are calling themselves experts and hosting expensive workshops that provide very little value. I always recommend people look toward the older, crotchety instructors whose styles might even seem outdated compared to what you're aiming for. Even though the industry has been transformed by technology so rapidly, the basics are centuries old and will never steer you wrong. Bonus: these workshops are often a lot more affordable -- you'll find people doing it for the love instead of the money.
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