Droid dead screen help?
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My Motorola Droid's screen is dead. The touch, power, sound still work but I can't see anything. Where in NYC can I go to have this fixed?

-I've already been to the Verizon store where they told me that since I am out of warranty by two weeks, my only option is to buy a brand new one at full cost. They don't fix them there.
-I've tried removing the battery, charging overnight, etc. It doesn't seem to be coming back. I didn't drop it so I am confused why this is happening.
-I've googled and come up with these: 1, 2, 3, one of which suggests that Motorola will fix it for $75. How would I go about doing this?
-Is there a place in NY that is good for repairs? I tried calling Droid Repair but the number just kept ringing. I see that PortaTronics might be an option- does anyone have experience with them?
-Are there other places I should try that my googling hasn't brought up yet?
-How much should I expect to pay for repair?
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Motorola has a repair tool on their website. Click the "Submit for Repair" link, then click the "Locate Out-of-Warranty Service Center" link on the popup.
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Make sure you call Verizon's customer service, they have more of a vested interest in your happiness then the guys at the storefront. I would be amazed if they didn't do anything about a phone only two weeks out of warranty.
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