I want a Celestino Piatti poster -- will this site make me an Unhappy Owl?
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I love Celestino Piatti's picture books and art. I'd love to own an original of one of his many posters. Prices on E-Bay tend to be pretty high, but I keep running across a site that claims to have many of Piatti's posters for a reasonable price. I've been tempted many times. But the site is German, and looks too good to be true. Does anyone have any experience with this site or opinion as to its legitimacy? http://www.poster-gallery.com (I promise this is not Pepsi-Blue!). Link to the Piatti posters here. My instinct is "no."
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Those are quite lovely... I notice all the eBay listings are on "or best offer." Translation: not worth nearly so much as the "buy it now" prices are suggesting. If the only thing putting you off about the poster-gallery.com site is the price as compared to eBay's -- I wouldn't worry; the discrepancy is not alarmingly wide for eBay "hey, I have the only one here!" pricing vs a specialty dot-com. I don't see anything hinky about the site itself; it looks fairly straightforward (you did notice the UK flag to translate?), it's easy to find phone number and physical address (in Z├╝rich) information.
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Thanks, Kmennie. I guess that my concern (and I should have stated this in the OP) is that the site has a staggeringly broad selection of posters, but doesn't seem to register much in a google search, which I found surprising. Very good point about the ebay auctions, thank you.
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