Wants to click to get fit & maybe boogey-down
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Where do I find free on-line excersize videos besides YouTube?

I'd like to start excersizing again, but have ruled out library [never liked them] or the buying videos [not in the budget]. Are there any free, online places that would help me get moving? --even a 30 minute Macarena with bonus Chicken Dance cooldown would be great. I do particularly like bellydance as an excersise, but am open to things like jazzercise or zumba or cha-cha lessons... The main point of interest is that the video's got to be long enough to be satisfying, rather than a series of disjointed, gappy little clips.
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Have you checked Hulu? I seem to recall having some yoga stuff innmy queue over there.
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Podcasts! There's a bunch of yoga video podcasts. I just tried Namaste Yoga TV (search in iTunes) -- all an hour long and a full practice, updated weekly.
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Hulu has a "Health and Fitness" channel, as well as reruns of a bunch of exercise shows (Denise Austin, Kathy Smith, Self Magazine, etc.) Poke around a bit and see if anything jumps out at you.

If you have even a small budget for this, you might consider Netflix. For $8 a month, there are hundreds of videos available online that you can watch as often as you like. Pay $10 a month, and you can check out workout DVDs one-at-a-time to find new and interesting workouts. It's a pretty great deal.
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Yoga Today has some really good quality videos, if that's your thing.
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It might help you in your searches if you spell it as exercise.

Here is a whole website dedicated to this type of thing: exercisetv, the videos are in many lengths including over 20 minutes long, and they are categorized. Might be exactly what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Yoga is yummy, but I was wanting something more dance-oriented: The kidlet likes it, and if she's bopping along with me, I'm more likely to actually get something accomplished, rather than having to stop every 5 minutes to take care of a Mooooooommmmiiieee page.
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If you have any type of cable/satellite TV subscription, check in the Video On Demand menu to see if there are any free videos. Or look through the lineup of FitTV or other channels and record some episodes onto DVR or other media.
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Response by poster: No tv, I'm afraid.
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