Do you cut the top off a half eaten bag of chips?
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Do you cut the top off a half eaten bag of chips?

After eating about half a bag of Ruffles the other day I cut about half of the bag off, folded it and clipped it.

My girlfriend and her mother found this and looked at me like I had commited a mortal sin.

Growing up I was always told to cut the bags when they got to a certain point. (Who wants to stick their hand through a greasy bag anyway?)

Appearantly they did not grow up that way. When I pressed for a good reason why I should not cut the bag, there was no response.

What do you do, cut or not?

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Best answer: I do not cut, nor have I ever heard of cutting. I've never even considered it. But from now on I'll cut. That's fucking brilliant.

Why didn't anyone tell me this sooner? A lifetime of greasy wrists could have been avoided. Every time I eat chips it's like I'm acting out that scene from Caligula. No more.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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When they get to the point where I feel like I'm dragging my hand through the greasy sides of the bag, I'll cut 'em off. I don't need to be reminded of how greasy the chips I eat are.
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I do not cut. In fact, this is the first time that I've heard of cutting the top off a bag. I just fold/roll it up and clip it. I've found that putting bagged chips into a bowl or onto a plate avoids the greasy hand, although my fingers still get greasy.
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Personally, no, though the logic behind it seems sound after being explained.

It does remind me a little uncomfortably of my mother; she used to cut cereal boxes in half and repackage things into smaller containers, which seemed more like a psychosis to me. This brings on waves of revulsion, something to do with there not being a bounty of "whole product", as well as not being able to read the packaging while eating, something I do for most products.
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I am obsessed with keeping chips and cereal crisp and crunchy. That's 90% of the reason I moved to Southeast Asia, where airtight clear plastic cylinders are cheap and ubiquitous. When I open a bag of cereal or chips, I move it immediately to a 2-liter clear container with an airtight lid.

A lifetime of greasy wrists could have been avoided.

*A single tear rolls down my cheek*
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I cut! I honestly never even considered ever not cutting.
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As to the specific question of to cut or not to cut, what can I say? I'm Jewish.
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No. I don't purchase large bags of chips unless they are tortilla chips and somehow, my tortilla chips are not greasy.
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what bondcliff said.
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I'm going to do that tonight, right after I alphabetize my CD collection and iron the hanger bumps out of my sweaters.
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Oh yeah I do, and my friend thinks I'm teh w13rd. But he's pretty wierd too.
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Never cut, never will. Too much effort. I dump half the bag into a bowl, then wrap the top half of the bag around to create a reasonably tight seal that will last till when I need to access the other 50th percentile of my [contents of bag].
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Yes, I do. I learned that trick from mom.
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Oh no, that's just wrong.
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Do you carry scissors around with you just in case you decide to buy a bag of chips on the fly? Or is that not allowed?
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I couldn't be bothered.
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If you cut the bag of chips, you ruin the sealing properties of the extra unused bag portion!

Just fold flat the unfilled portion, and wrap it around the used portion. Lie the bag on the unfilled portion and you have a somewhat airtight seal. You don't even need extra stuff!

The serious people will use an elastic band... :-)
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I cut, gleefully even.
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My God... Haven't you Philistines ever heard of Chip Clips?
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Yes, I cut. The sad thing is, I thought that I came up with that brilliant idea on my that I know all you bastards are doing it, I'm going to stop.
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Never heard of cutting. If you have remnants in a bag, you can just pour them out or shake a few into your hand, no?
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Oh, ya gotta cut. I'm a cutter from way back.
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Never heard of this before. I'd have to say I'm a roll the bag up kind of guy.
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Silly question. It has nothing to do with how you were raised, whether you're jewish, or if there is a "cutter" gene in the genome.

It's a simple matter of the quality of the bag and its contents. Because while a shorter bag brings the chips closer to the opening, the oening represnt no only easy accss for your hand but easy access for stale-making oxygen and airborne bacteria. Long, uncut bags roll up more times and will keep contents fresher.

Greasy contents: more likely to cut.

Big bag of stuff that cannot be eaten in a day or so: more likely to cut.

Transparent bag I can see into easily: less likely to cut (and less likely to get my wrist greasy when I can see what I'm reaching for).

Stuff that I like a little stale: more likely to cut.

Stuff that goes bad quick: less likely to cut.

Cheap celophane bag that tends to come apart in ribbons when cut: less likely to cut.

It all depends, folks. There are no easy answers in this life.
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I cut...I think my wife taught that to me. I still think it's an amazingly clever thing to do.
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Big bag of stuff that cannot be eaten in a day or so: more likely to cut.

Oops, I meant "less."
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I do not cut, never have. But I recall becoming quite upset when my mother cut the bag to the last 6" or so, though I do not recall why.

My husband cuts. Always. And makes fun of my non-cutting ways.
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What about greasy stuff that you like a little stale in a transparent celophane bag, scarabic?
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I don't buy that shit in the first place as it blows my system.
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You need to have a knife or scissors handy in order to cut. Tearing doesn't occur reliably in the way that you wish. Assuming that I've opened the bag neatly only along the top seam, then I just fold it in on itself the way a tailor would fold your pant leg for adjustment while pinning it. Hey presto -- non greasy outside is now on the inside.
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iron the hanger bumps out of my sweaters.

So many things there to make Baby Jesus cry.

I've never heard of this cutting thing of which the original poster speaks, but it does seem like a not half bad idea for those who eat chips out of the bag. For me, however, I've been on a diet for so long now, that my first reaction (besides, are you freaking kidding, do you know how many points are in those?) is to weigh a single serving into a bowl and put the rest of the bag away somewhere, thus eliminating any and all reaching into the bag.
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*has moment of Weight Watchers-induced-psychosis solidarity with jacquilynne*

As for cutting the chip bag, that's really weird. And I come from a long line of obsessive compulsive snack food storers who won't hesitate to use chip clips and tupperware containers and larger zip-top plastic bags and who have been known to keep pretzels in the fridge during the very humid months.
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I cut my bags. (And my bangs, too, but I think that's another topic.)

I thought I was the only one. It helps me get back into the trimmed bag to eat even more chips--it's a bit quieter when you go back for seconds. Or thirds. I love potato chips, Og help me.
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I've been tearing chip bags open for years. Once you get to the greasy wrist phase, bite the bag to start a tear, then guide the seam all the way to the base of the bag. Unfold. Voila: chip bag as plate, chips displayed before the world.
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Cut with scissors.

If it's a narrow band of bag that I cut off, then the top band of the bag becomes the 'ribbon' with which I tie the bag for later use of the contents.

This is good for bags of mini-carrots, bags of lettuce, etc
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I call it "scalping," and I do it to pretty much everything in the kitchen. Flour sacks, frozen vegetable bags, whateveter. Just not cereal bags, since those go back in the boxes anyway. My wife has always questioned this.
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I trim off with scissors too, much to my husband's dismay. I do probably go a bit overboard, though - I'll cut it half, then a little while later a bit more, until there's barely bag and frankly, no chip left either.
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I eat the whole bag at one sitting. I'm efficient like that.
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Most of the time I wrap the excess bag around the contents, but I'll occasionally cut, when the situation is right. We usually eat at a small cafe table, and a big bag of chips takes up valuable real estate.
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I cut chip bags, no matter what type of chip. I also fold down fast food bags and dump the fries in them so I can enjoy them while driving...
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I disapprove of cutting the tops off chip bags, but will defend to the death your right to do so.

And after one too many drunken nights spent thrashing about blindly in the gutter with a king-sized Cheetos bag taped around my neck, collecting a glorious bouquet of bruises that resemble the sneering profiles of brutal dictators long since deposed and buried, I wake to find that a solution was within my grasp all along... eyeholes, oh, my god! Why the hell didn't I think of that while I was cutting the "Night Train tunnel"?
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I have also never heard of such a bizarre practice. But I thought my stepmom's "chip clips" were weird enough (when I was a teenager), so I'm definitely behind the curve when it comes to domestic junk food organization. The only chips I really buy are tortilla, anyway, and I'll usually put them out in a bowl with the salsa & avocado...

My basic reaction is, freak, but I'm not really sure why it seems so weird. As others have noted, it's perfectly rational... I guess there's just something about the mutilated shape of the bag post-op... that it would look sort of like a strange plastic pocketbook-for-chips or something.
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I have never heard of cutting chip bags to save the unused portions, but then again, I have never heard of there ever being leftover chips. Bag size determines portion size. Maybe that's why I am on a diet.
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Nope because it never occurred to me. However, I've used some sort of clip for years (clothes pins before they invented the chip clip). BUT! It's a good idea and will implement it.

Actually, I should just quit eating chips and the like. But hey, like that's ever gonna happen.
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I'm a non-cutter, but this could be related to the fact that I don't eat chips out of the bag. I'm far more likely to put a portion of them on a plate or napkin, and eat from there.
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I've known bag cutters in the past. The few times I've been faced with a half bag of chips I couldn't be bothered to search out the scissors. I'm a fan of rubberbands.

Now, another question along a similar vein - ketchup in the fridge or out of the fridge? Whole nother thread?
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Overcut once, non-cutter since.
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How fucking big are your snack bags, for gawd's sake?
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Wow, it's a whole level of snack packaging interaction that I never knew existed! I have never, ever, ever heard of cutting a bag like this, nor have I ever, ever, ever observed a friend/family member/roommate/boyfriend/in-law/coworker/sitcom character even ponder such a thing in all my decades of consuming prepackaged snack items. Are there other similar habits out there that I've never witnessed? Is there a whole subculture of people who smooth over the uneven surface of a half-eaten pint of ice cream with a hot spoon before putting the lid back on, for example?
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I had never seen nor heard of this practice. "Haven't I done that in front of you?" asks my wife of nearly four years. Thank you, AskMe, for helping me discover new facets of this fascinating and mysterious woman.

Once, while traveling in a country lacking peanut butter, I cut off the top half of a Skippy's plastic jar, the better to get the last of the contents. My roommate did the same with a glass jar, but stopped eating it when he kept discovering shards of broken glass in his mouth. True story!

On preview, to scody: in high school my friend Noel visited one night, and my parents distributed a pint of ice cream fairly to the four of us, by cutting the closed container into quarters. That may have been the last time he came over.
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Bags of sliced bread are also great for this, by the way.

Is there a whole subculture of people who smooth over the uneven surface of a half-eaten pint of ice cream with a hot spoon before putting the lid back on, for example?

I will scoop away the "peaks" before I'll further scoop the "valleys," but that's a "pre-serving modiication." All of my scalping and bag modifications happen post-serving. I guess that's the determiner: If I'm modifying the food itself, I'll adjust the food as-or-before I get it set for the meal at hand; If I'm modifing the container, I wait until I'm done pulling the food out for that meal.

ketchup in the fridge or out of the fridge?
Ketchup: in
Jelly: in
Honey: out
Peanut Butter: out
Syrup: in, but heated up before serving
Butter: in if I won't use it in the next 12 hours or so, otherwise, out
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I cut and use a chip clip. That is when I don't eat the whole bag in one sitting. ;-P
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