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Decent scholarship search engine, anyone ?

One that covers the us and international students would be very helpful - i've tried searching but it's pretty confusing.

thanks in advance
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I'd suggest maybe checking out Fastweb if you haven't. You fill out a little bit about yourself, and they'll e-mail you some scholarships you may be eligible for.

Wish I had a search engine for ya, but this is the best I can do.
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I've heard good things about Fastweb.
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I signed up for Fastweb but haven't really gained anything from it and they now spam me constantly, so YMMV. The scholarships they've sent me have either not applied to me or been so vague as to require a lot of external googling.
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I'm not a fan of Fastweb, personally. It's way too spammy and gimmicky.

I've had good luck with SchoolSoup. It's similar to FastWeb (and still generates a lot of spam), but there are fewer random contests/promotions and more actual scholarships.

Your best bet is to search for local/state scholarships via community or professional organizations. The award amounts may be smaller, but there's less competition.
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Undergrad or graduate scholarships?

Most graduate departments have secretaries who send out upcoming competitions to students who are registered in the department (and registered to get the department's mass emails).

Might also check in with your school's financial aid section; they might have a mailing list for upcoming scholarship competitions (undergrad and graduate).

Keep in mind that there are national, provincial/state, and also local scholarships - some may be specific to a particular school and a particular department. The department secretary would be the person who knows about these local scholarships.
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I've looked at fastweb and entering the 'nra scholarship' and 'ayn rand writing contest' arent really things i'd want to win : ) - i'm not thinking fastweb are any good tbh.

Its for graduate studies, i dont know how easy it is to collate and distribute this information.
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