How to force page breaks when printing email?
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How to force page breaks when printing email?

My company uses a really horrible "openwebmail" webmail interface for email. When I print email from that interface, it properly paginates the email (the only useful feature of that email system). However, if I get my email thru any other provider (e.g. setting up the email to forward to gmail) or interface (gmail on the web, or using thunderbird or other client to pop from gmail) then the email is no longer paginated and doesn't print with the appropriate page breaks.

Is there any way to fix this on MY end, any way I can configure an email client to honor whatever page break code is being used by the horrible webmail interface? I can't ask the company to fix this, the IT department is less than useless. (That's why I'm posting this anonymously.)
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What is an "appropriate" page break when talking about email?
Are these page breaks something that can only be created within this webmail system, or do they appear in emails from non-company emails as well?

Short answer: no, as there is no standard for page breaks within the email medium.

Long answer: it is possible, I suppose, that the CSS stylesheet for openwebmail supports/implements some sort of page break capability (like: <br style="page-break-before: always" />, and you could use a userscript or a user style sheet to re-implement this in your webmail client of choice. We would need to see the raw HTML code for one of these emails that your webmail successfully page breaks.
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