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I'm trying to find a ring tone for my cell phone that sounds like somebody chanting "Om".

My service provider is T-Mobile, and my phone is a cheap samsung that has polyphonic rings but not mp3-ring capabilities. Even if they won't work with my phone, I'd still be interested in where I could find them because a new phone is right around the corner.
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"polyphonic" usually means "midi" - it's very unlikely you can find a ringtone/MIDI file that does that, since there's a set number of instruments/samples in your phone. as far as mp3 ringtones go, I've had more luck just chopping up a song (if you've got an mp3 with the chant in it, you can load it into Garage Band or something similar and chop it up) and then uploading to the phone via Bluetooth or a data cable. (at the time I had a T-Mo Motorola V600, and my Mac has bluetooth.) you'll pay about $30 for a data cable and software for the phone, or you can use a service that will send stuff to your phone for free over the cellular network (try this - unless you have T-Zones though you'll probably pay about a quarter for the upload). personally I'd go for the cable - it's more expensive but then you can sync your contacts with your computer.
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It won't work with you current phone, but for your Future Fone, here's what you should do...

1. Find mp3 of someone saying "Om..."
1b. Record yourself saying "Om..."
2. Follow the steps detailed at SmashTheTones.
3. Call yourself and listen to your phone say "Om..."
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