Recommend an insurance broker or company for tenants' insurance in Toronto?
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Can you recommend an independent insurance broker in Toronto, or alternatively an insurance company with whom you have had good experience, for taking out a tenants' insurance policy? I'd also appreciate any guidance with respect to whether it's a better idea to go with an independent broker, and risk getting stuck with a bad company at a better price, or go with a company with a better reputation even if the insurance costs more.
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Tenants insurance (at least for apartment dwellers like myself) is pretty cheap anyways. I don't think the savings will be that big between different companies. When I was looking for some earlier in the year, I got a bunch of quotes online, called the cheapest one and had it sorted out in under an hour. For what it's worth, I'm with TD because they offered a discount for UT students.
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I had renter's insurance with TD as well (alumni discount + car) and it actually was cheaper than the car insurance itself, because the discount on my car insurance for having two insurance products was greater than the renter's insurance.
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Also used td meloche mennox because of the alumni discount. They were cheap and easy.
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Thanks for your help. I ended up doing with TD Meloche as well, because it had an alumni discount for my university. Thanks for the recommendation.
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