Operation Bird Ticket: Commence!
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I want to see Andrew Bird at the Sixth & I Synagogue in Washington DC... tonight. Problem is that I have no ticket. I need help with the online ticket buying process.

I see various sites with tickets for the show being sold for tonight, but they all say "free shipping", "ships in two days", etc. The concert is in about 4 hours. I know some sites sell e-tickets that you can print out, but I can't find any sites that actually state that the ticket being sold is an e-ticket. I obviously don't want to buy a ticket if they need to be shipped. Is it possible for me to get a ticket this late or am I out of luck and should proceed to kick myself?
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The website says this:

ADMISSION: Tickets are $40 and can be purchased on Ticketfly.com, by calling 877.435.9849, or visiting Sixth & I Monday-Friday between noon – 3:00 pm. On the night of the event, will-call and ticket sales will end at 10:00 pm. No one will be permitted to enter the event after that time. All seating is general admission. Doors open at 7:00 pm.

I clicked on the "buy tickets" link right below it, and it had the only ticket delivery option as will call. You can probably call them and get will call tickets as well. Or, if you can make it over there now, you can buy it at the window.
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Seconding will call - that should work just fine for a day-of purchase.

You probably won't need to resort to this since there are first-sale tickets still available, but Craigslist is a last-ditch place to go. For every two or three people trying to turn a profit on concert tickets, there's a kind soul who will sell them for face (or close to face) value. It's worth taking 5 minutes to look in cases like these.

Good luck!
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OMG, how did I manage to miss that?? Thank you so much! <3
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