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Computer Science Filter: Anyone have any suggestions for a Database text book. I am teaching a course title Database Technology next semester. The previous professor used a textbook that was "MS Access"-heavy. Any suggestions for a textbook that covers Database Technology, meets course description (below) and isn't MS-Dependent? I have no problem using MS Access, just don't want to depend on it.

Course Description:
This course studies the design and implementation of relational databases. Entity-relationship (E-R) diagrams and other design techniques are covered and students get practical experience with their use. SQL programming techniques are also used to build, update, query, and generate reports from databases. XML techniques are also examined.
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What about Fundamentals of Database Systems, by Elmasri and Navathe? Is it too advanced?
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I used Database Management Systems in a few courses at UBC and I liked it. I believe it covers everything you're looking for, but I haven't looked the XML material personally. It's a bit dry but the explanations tend to be concise and very easy to understand.
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We used the third edition of Database Systems (5th edition here) in my DB class around '02. Very good book -- well written, easy to follow and not MS dependent. This was a mandatory DB class for a CS undergrad degree.
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This what they were using:

Kroenke, D.M. and Auer, D.J.: Database Concepts, Fourth Edition, 2010, Prentice
Hall, ISBN-10: 0136086535
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2nding sonic meat machine. That's the text we used in grad school.
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We use Database Management Systems here, and... honestly, I don't think most students even bothered to buy a copy. I know I didn't (especially once I read the Amazon reviews, which were pretty bad).
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Seconding MustardTent's recommendation of Connolly and Begg's 'Database Systems'; it's very, very good on the basics particularly Relational Algebra/Calculus and ANSI SQL and meets the requirements of your syllabus.
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