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Software recommendations for a landscape architect?

My dad has been using LANDWorksCAD for a little over three years now, but he's thinking of switching to some better software (I've never been a fan of it).

He's been looking at Vectorworks Landmark, but can you suggest any other leading software packages that would be better? He's currently on windows, but would like to move to a mac soon too. And he's based in Australia, if that makes a difference. Thanks!
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I asked this exact question 6 years ago. But for my mom. She uses LandworksCAD. Hopefully this time around there are more answers.
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My RLA brother just moved to Landmark and the Mac. There was something about Landmark he mentioned as particularly appealing...that even the Autodesk LA package lacks. (I don't recall what this was.) FWIW, I, an architect, have used Vectorworks for about 10 years and have been pleased with the choice.
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