How to create six equally spaced boxes in OpenOffice Writer?
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How do I create a timeline in OpenOffice Writer?

For a school project I have to create a 6-step timeline on a single landscape page. It basically just has to be 6 equally spaced empty boxes side-by-side that I can fill with text, preferably with an arrow pointing from one box to the next. It seems simple enough, but for all my tinkering, I just can't figure it out. I found out how to create rectangular boxes to fill with text, but if I were to manually create each box it could get pretty sloppy.
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Well, the absolute easiest way to do it would be to insert a table with six cell, insert and format your text, and then place little arrow drawings over the text.

You could also use textboxes arranged as a flowchart.
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If I were in Microsoft Word, I would insert a table with 10 columns. I would put the first date, in the first box, → in the second box, the 2nd date in the 3rd box, etc. Then I would fool around with the column widths.
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Why sloppy? Just align the objects.
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