Another movie identification question.
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Another movie identification question: it was about a girl helping her parents maintain a pool house. No or very few words spoken in the movie. In the end the house gets demolished.

It was an indie film, I believe. The house was multi-story. The pool was in the bottom floor. I think her father was blind (might be wrong about this), and they were trying to save the business. In the end, the house gets demolished, and is shown with a steam shovel pushing it down. The house was in the way of something? When shown, the final scene seems pretty barren - meaning it didn't look like there was anything around the house (as if the house had been built in the middle of an empty plain).

Random details: she lives with her mother and father - no siblings. Is probably between 14 and 17 (I'm bad at judging ages

I think the movie used mostly browns in filming. (Don't know for sure - I'm mostly colorblind.) So this part is probably unimportant.

For some reason I think the movie was German.

Just remembered - the reason I thought her father was blind is due to a scene where a man (who is blind) goes down to the pool. The daughter and mother play a tape of ... crowd noise, maybe. They definitely play a tape of some kind of background noise.

Also... A coin operated vending machine?

Some of these details may be conflated with Delicatessen. I apologize in advance for any confusion this adds - but on the other hand, the movie did visually resemble Delicatessen. (Although, like I said above - I'm mostly color blind, so there may not be as much resemblance as I thought.)
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Best answer: Is it Tuvalu?
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Response by poster: Yes! Thank you, that's exactly it.

I screwed up the plot quite a bit. But that's definitely the movie. The ceiling falling gives it away.
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