Kid Freindly North Seattle Restaurants
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Were sick of Zeek's Pizza. We're sick of Blue C Sushi and Taco Del Mar. We're even sick of Red Mill. What are some good kid freindly dining places in the Phinney/Ballard/Fremont area? (said kid is 4)
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The Tutta Bella on Stone Way seems wildly popular with the kiddies.
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Personally, I love Zak's Burgers in Ballard. They have crayons and coloring pages for the little ones, as well as an outstanding menu for all. It's my favorite burger place in town.
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Gordito's (85th and Greenwood) has burritos that are larger than your kid. So watch out for that, but otherwise it should be kid-friendly.
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Luisa's on Holman (across from QFC) has good food, and is QUICK - which is a big plus for dining with kids.
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If you're willing to go a little further afield, the Wedgwood Ale House on NE 35th at 85th NE has a very kid-friendly family dining room. We are regulars there with our kids.
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Zesto's burgers? how about Taki's Mad Greek? Thai Siam? How about Pillager's Pub (pirates!)
Or Smokin' Pete's BBQ?
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Tutta Bella is a good recommendation. I've seen plenty of kids at El Chupacabra but I don't know if they're kid "friendly." Smokin' Pete's BBQ on 65th is kid friendly. Ivar's.
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Sam's Sushi in Ballad is very popular with families, and has lots of non-sushi dishes for the little ones.
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Paseo in Fremont. Not sure how kid-friendly the menu is, however.
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Blue Star Cafe and Pub in Wallingford seems fairly kid-friendly to me, although it is dangerously close to Molly Moon's. Blue Moon Burgers in Fremont (if you have kids in tow, avoid on half-price Wednesday evenings when the lines get long).
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Seconding Luisa's on Holman by the QFC. That place is little kid perfect - a woman makes fresh corn tortillas, spreads optional salsa and butter on them, and hands them to your kid, and you. There's a decorative fountain inside. And a spiral-tracked gumball machine as you leave. But best of all it's fast.

Seconding Gordito's on 85th near Greenwood Ave. N too, the food is excellent, huge, and cheap, but the music is LOUD. I tend to do take out there now.

Thai Siam on 15th NW near 83rd is our gold standard for pad thai and lard nar.

Ballard Mandarin on the corner of Market and 8th Ave NW is good, fresh, and the women who work there like kids.

Mae's Cafe on Phinney in the 60s is a breakfast place that has a cow theme. Lots to look at. Two other kid-easy breakfast places are Patty's Egg Nest in that same QFC parking lot on Holman, and The Original Pancake House on 15th and the 80s, south of Thai Siam.

To recap though - Luisa's, numero uno with a little kid.
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I love the ribs and pulled pork at Gabriel's Fire. Gabriel is a local boy with his own barbecue style. I would say it's Texas style. It's a fine place for kids.

Have you been to Mr Gyro? They are so nice and the food is great. Seating is tight, but not too hard to get seating if you avoid peak times.

I like Blue Moon Burgers. IMO they are much better than Red Mill. I have not been to the Blue Moon in Fremont. I go to the one at South Lake Union.

If you want to try something different... Flying Apron serves all vegan, gluten-free. It's a friendly comfortable cafe. I often see families having lunch. I love their soups and salads.

A few people recommended Luisa's on Holman. Haven't been there in a year, but we did enjoy it a few times. Didn't like the fajitas at all. I like the combo plates.

I recommend Nana's Soup House with reservations. They recently changed ownership, so I don't know if the quality is still there. The new owners say they will keep everything the same. If so, you can expect 8 kinds of good home-style soups, sandwiches, stuffed potatoes. Easy seating -- just fine for kids.

If you ever go north on Aurora, I like Tacqueria el Sabor in Shoreline. It's in a converted Wendy's. Plenty of seating. I always see families there.
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Fourthing Luisa's. We live within walking distance and so we're there at least once a month. Incredibly fast service, totally kid friendly atmosphere. My 2-yo gets rice, black beans, and avocado.

Not open for dinner but the Green Bean coffee house has a great kid's corner. (Now at 87th and Greenwood.)

Bick's Broadview Grill wouldn't seem to be that kid friendly at first glance -- no kid's menu or crayons and a bar -- but it's always teeming with toddlers. I think it's because the servers are just so damn friendly. (And the food is great.) 107th and Greenwood.

Not much seating but also very friendly is the new Fatty's Corner Pizzeria on 105th and Greenwood. I've taught my son to call it "the pizza joint" which is the cutest thing ever. Snoose part dieux is across the street but is a bit noisier than I like.

Finally I know this is not in the neighborhood you want but Twirl on Queen Anne is lovely with a huge play area.
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Oh, also Romio's pizza in Greenwood. I would recommend against Mr. Gyro. It's one of my favorite restaurants but I wouldn't say it's kid friendly. It's small, very crowded, and his high stools for seating.
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