Where can I buy Windows XP?
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Is it still possible to buy Windows XP at a reasonable price?

My parents have an older desktop computer with Windows 98 (or possibly Windows Me) on it. They have some software that requires XP at least and want to upgrade. The computer probably can't handle Vista or 7. Where can I buy XP?
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Ebay. Don't buy OEM software-its illegal to install it (although it probably can be installed perfectly well.)
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You can buy a refurb PC with XP on it for ~$150. Personally, I'd go that route before messing with a ~12 year old system.
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I spend all day fighting planned obsolescence and three-year-replacement cycles and upgrade fever and shininess requests.

Let me take a moment out of my evening to suggest that your parents ought to buy schmod's $150 XP refurb PC or Walmart's $300 Windows 7 PC. Their twelve-year-cycle has reached the finish line! It's time to buy the box that will take them to 2022.
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You can find a used PC with XP for the same(or lower) price that you'll be paying for XP license.
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