Good genealogy blog theme?
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Good genealogy themes for a Wordpress blog?

I am getting ready to set up a genealogy blog in the next few days and have everything but the theme. Because this has been important to my family for a while, I have a lot of detailed information.

I don't mind paying for a theme, but it needs to be coded specifically for genealogy and have lots of functionality for details, details, and more details!

If I had my way, it would be easy to cross-reference people between lines and family groups as well as themes that seem to run through various lines.

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Although themes can have a lot of programmatic functionality built into them, you generally don't see specific functionality for something as narrow as genealogy, and indeed, there are no themes at with "genealogy" as a keyword. There are a few plugins for genealogy, however.
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You might have a hard time finding one that handles all that.

May I suggest using a piece of software that generates HTML? I use GRAMPS when I need to push genealogy stuff to the web -- it's free and it has a lot of useful report formats built in, which might make it easier to push complex data in HTML format, even if it's by copying and pasting.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, guys. I was aware of the plugins, but thought that there may have been an LDS coder who would have thrown a genealogy site together and have it out floating around for others.

I did not know about GRAMPS, so I will look into that. I may end up having to code a theme myself, we will see what happens.

Thanks again!
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