Where can I compare apartment prices worldwide?
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I'm looking for a property website allowing me to compare cheap ($150,000 or less) urban apartments and condos worldwide. Suggestions?

Google turns up plenty of real-estate websites, but those that I've browsed seem to focus either on cheap, local properties, or else worldwide properties well outside my price range. Essentially, I'm looking for an apartment index, illustrating what $100,000 - $150,000 will purchase in cities around the world.
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In my opinion what you're proposing is very difficult to do however ... it's not the whole answer by any means but for English speaking, non-USA, wealthy countries ...

1. For each country of interest identify three cities of interest.
2. For each country of interest visit the corresponding yellow pages site (yellowpages.co.uk, yellowpages.com.au, yellowpages.co.nz ... etc)
3. Search for real estate agents (sometimes called 'Estate Agents' outside of USA) in each of the three cities.
4. The yellow pages listing will probably contain a website reference, if not use google to zero in on the listed real estate agents.
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what $100,000 - $150,000 will purchase in cities around the world

What makes this difficult, going on impossible is the vast variation within the cities themselves.

I live in a $300,000 apartment. Twenty miles from here in one direction, that could buy you a whole house. Twenty miles in another direction and one-bedroom apartments are selling for over a million.

Many many factors play into that. Those million dollar apartments overlook Bondi Beach for a start. But transport, ethnic factors, crime rates, history, school districts, if and when the damn government is actually going to make a decision on the new airport etc. all play a part. There's no such thing as a generic apartment because there's no such thing as a generic location.
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