Well-written adult graphic novels?
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Are there any good (as in, engaging and quite possibly well-written) erotic adult graphic novels?

I'm not looking for outright porn (although the sexier the better, natch), and I would like something that is at least reasonably well-written.

I'm a straight male, mid-30's, married. The wife has been enjoying some of the stuff I've been bringing home lately (Preacher, Y, Proof), and I want something we can both enjoy.

I'll be monitoring the thread. Thanks!
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I have only read the first volume, but I liked what I had read of Alan's Moore's Lost Girls. I am female, and I also liked Y: the Last Man.
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Seconding Lost Girls. You should also try and track down Peter Milligan's/Ted McKeever's The Extremist.
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Married-to-a-man woman here. Just so you know, I also liked Y: The Last Man and did not enjoy Lost Girls. It's really surreal & literary, not like a lot of other more mainstream Alan Moore stuff you might have enjoyed.
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Whereas I found Lost Girls turgid and rather well disappointing. De gustibus sera sera.

—And here's the trouble with "graphic novel" as a, well, a category: do you mean comics pieces of any length gathered together in a book-sized volume? In the which case, Colleen Coover's Small Favors stories are pretty much the gold standard for fun and frolicsome comics smut [Fantagraphics, Amazon]. I've also been fond of Vittorio Giardino's gorgeous if retro Little Ego strips. But these are strips and shorts; if by "graphic novel" you mean something more, well, novelistic, hmm. Omaha the Cat Dancer is rightly cited as a groundbreaking trailblazer, but it's more a soap opera in structure than a novel, and I couldn't tell you how well it's aged. —There's six volumes of Empowered out by now, and it's surprising how much deeper it turns out to be than the one-note joke that kicks it off, but the combo of satire and melodrama may I fear be an acquired taste. —Also, Lee and Kaluta finally finally finished a version of Starstruck in comics form, so there's that.
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ymmv, but i'm a fan of omaha the cat dancer. also: the work of r. crumb. and, while it's straight up porn, pretty much all the women i know, even the straight ones, love small favors
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I'm not going to google for it right now for reasons pertaining to my employment status, but you need to check out the work of Milo Manara.
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Milo Manara is very much about the beautiful erotic drawings, not so much about the "reasonably well written".

I've enjoyed what I've seen, mostly, but I was definitely looking for outright porn.
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I'm a woman who loved Y the Last Man and most Alan Moore stuff, but Lost Girls was just about the least sexy erotica I've ever read. YMMV.
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Glad to see some props for Omaha the Cat Dancer. I read it in the 90s and it was the first thing that popped into my mind to recommend when reading your question. Now I will have to check out some of the others recommended here.
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I thought Lost Girls was a fascinating book (especially the art), but it made me never want to have sex ever again.

I know there is a whole subgenre of erotic Japanese manga targeted at women, so maybe your local mangatorium stocks some?
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The XXXenophile Big Book of Fun is probably more on the porn side, but it's porn-with-a-plot, and well-written.
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Seconding Small Favors. My wife's mostly-straight, but I bought it for her and she's enjoyed it. It's cute, fun, and well drawn.
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As I haven't read it, I can't speak to its quality but I know that Gilbert Hernandez (of Love and Rockets fame) did an adult comic called Birdland.
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