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Advice needed on renting a PA or powered speakers in Baltimore, MD.

I'm co-hosting an event over Memorial Day weekend and I need to provide decent-sounding music to around 75 people. We'll just need it for 24 hrs and would like to spend +/- $150. I've located some rental shops in the greater Baltimore area, but I'm from Philly and have never done business with any of them before. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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Find out where the local underground/rave DJ's rent from. Generally speaking, you'll get a decent price, and pretty good equipment.
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Is the event indoor or outdoor?
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I definitely don't need something that could power a rave, unless someone doses my parents with some X. I kind of doubt that 'underground' raves, if they exist any more at all, use rented PA's. The liability. Think of the liability.

The event in question is the mini-reception following my wedding. It will be indoors in a rather small room. Powered speakers would probably be the most hassle-free way to deal with this. I've had sketchy experiences in other cities with similar equipment rentals so I'm really just looking to be steered towards a reliable and fair-priced place. I'm a musician and I know a little bit about sound & speakers & amps & etc. I really, really wish every city had a Rock and Roll Rentals like the one in Austin, Texas.

The venue has been less than helpful in finding a sound system - they've only referred us to overpriced 'wedding rental' places.
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You would probably want something like Peavey's powered mixer/amp combo that connects to some basic 15" 2-way speakers that you mount on some basic stands. I rented something like that this weekend for a wedding right at $100 in Baton Rouge. Where in Baltimore to rent from, I'm really not sure.
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item: I wasn't thiking of a full-on 10K person party... but I do know that Long & McQuade (a music store here) keeps what they call the '6:55 Special' on hand on Saturdays: a pair of turntables, amp, mixer, speakers, packed up and ready to go.
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