Looking for iphone apps that help change behavior
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I'm looking for an app for my Ipod Touch that replicates the function of the Motivaider, a portable, repeating, vibrating alarm that reminds you to do stuff like sit up straight, take a calming breath, or whatever. It's ok if the app has an audible alarm instead of vibrating. Links to any other behavioral modification apps are appreciated.
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You may be interested in Buzz Clock, which makes your iPhone/iPod touch vibrate at regular intervals.
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Response by poster: Hey! Buzz Clock was written by an Entirely Other Greg! [super bonus points awarded]
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Habit Changer has a bunch of apps focused on specific habits. Never tried them, but they're out there.

Time Flies is a sort of goal tracker, that looks like it could lead to some behaviour modification.

Doing a search for "Habit" in the app store brings up a bunch of apps - unfortunately I haven't played with any of them much - and most seem to be goal trackers, but a few look like they do a few extra things like give you milestones and the like.
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The Timer app (not the standard Clock app) is a basic countdown timer. You can configure it to repeat and vibrate on an iPhone -- I don't think an iPod Touch vibrates, does it?
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Response by poster: I didn't realize the timer app did this, thanks.

The Ipod does not vibrate.
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Maybe Pocket Timebomb?
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Response by poster: Timer doesn't auto-repeat

Pocket Timebomb doesn't run in the background.

Sending notifications via a standalone google calendar app and Prowl might work, except I'm not always connected to wifi and sometimes Prowl is laggy.
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Response by poster: Futuregram doesn't do exactly what I want but it's in the ballpark.
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Best answer: Annoyster might do what you want. You set a start time and a frequency, and it sends you reminders at random times. There's also a "quiet time" feature so it won't send you reminders while you're trying to sleep.
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Response by poster: WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. Thank you Thebergfather.
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Response by poster: Feel free to link to any other behavior-modification apps that you think are cool.
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For future reference, Timer does auto repeat: under settings, set "Loop Timer" to On.
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Response by poster: Timer (that can be looped). Annoytron is ok, but about 1/4 of the time it expresses flakey behavior, where menus disappear, etc. That is almost set off by the Jetsons ring tone and random element.
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Response by poster: re.minder looks to be useful as well as Futuregram.
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