Places to buy La Tisanière's "Nuit Calme" infusion from the USA.
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Places to buy La Tisanière's "Nuit Calme" infusion from the USA.

My boyfriend's mom has this delicious imported herbal infusion, and I'd love to get my own supply. The brand is "La Tisanière" and the blend is called "Nuit Calme".

In fact, I found a place online where one could theoretically get it shipped from France. However, the site looks a bit dodgy and the shipping is pretty steep. Any ideas about better ways to get it? (Maybe the best answer is "buy it from that website"... that's an OK answer too if you can help me allay my paranoia about the site.)

Thanks for any pointers!
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Best answer: I live in France and I've seen this on grocery store shelves! I'm fairly certain it's less pricey at the store. Hmmm. Memail me! :)
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Best answer: I love a tea that one can buy cheap off the shelves in England, but is expensive when purchased in the states. The cheapest solution is to have someone buy it and ship it to you. This option is even cheaper than buying from specialty import stores (not sure if that's an option for you). Looks like you have a volunteer so I would say go for it. (And hey maybe you get a new pen pal to boot!)

I can see why the site gives you pause. It's not really well designed and the shipping is high. I would say explore some other options first before paying 3 times the price of the tea for the shipping.
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Response by poster: Sorry for the long delay... Turns out that a friend of my boyfriend is going to France and he'll bring some of the stuff :) Thanks, sucre, for offering!
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Just saw this :) Yay, glad to hear it! Enjoy your tea!
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