News about any and all countries?
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What, if any, English-speaking website will give me news about all of the world's nations?

My biggest complaint about most newspapers is that they only report on the big events. I'd like to be able to read news about any and all countries. Is there any website or news organization that strives to report on as many places as possible? What about a 'master list' of English-language versions of local papers?
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Best answer: reductiondesign, I believe Daily Earth is what you're looking for. I bookmarked it years ago and it's still the go-to resource for me when I want to read the local version of what's happening in other countries.
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Per your first question, the Economist does a better job of global reporting than any other major publication, but it is still limited to "bigger" stories (though what are you looking for, local sports scores? city council elections?) If you want really local data, you're better off just going to the country's/city's Wikipedia page, where they will always link to the major newspapers and specify if they are in English or not. There's also the Newseum's Today's Front Pages which shows almost 600 front pages of newspapers from around the world.
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I'd probably just go for some sort of version of google news. It's highly customizable and can draw from multiple sources to get you the coverage you want.
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It’s not free, but has newspapers available from all over the world. You might want to test it out. The pay as you go plan is .99 cents per paper. It also lets you search for English language papers.
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As a one-stop news site that strives to cover events around the world, BBC World is pretty good and even has sections broken down by region.
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Google Translate has gotten remarkably good lately, I'd try it on popular news sites in your country of choice.
posted by miyabo at 7:30 PM on December 5, 2010 is very good for this purpose. The front page presents some major stories from around the world, or you can use the links to find newspapers, magazines and blogs from anywhere.
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I'll second BBC World. (I listened to the BBC worldservice radio when i lived in africa, and when i moved home i was shocked at how little global news got through to north americans via our own media.)
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I rather enjoy the Economist too, but then you get stuff like this.
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Thirding BBC World.
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In addition to the ones mentioned above: New Internationalist Magazine
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Actually, while BBC World is definitely better than most American news stations, you really should check out AlJazeera's English site. Their coverage is surprisingly (at least to me) wide and balanced. I was taken aback at how much more of the world they cover than BBC.
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Online Newspapers has a very broad range of publications. A critical resource if you need to know what's happening in North Korea straight from the horse's mouth.
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The Christian Science Monitor is good too.
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Google News and BBC.
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