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I'm looking for high-resolution cover art from Golden Age pulp science fiction magazines that's definitely in the public domain.

I know I've come across good, searchable public-domain databases in the past, but (alas) I didn't bookmark them and now Google isn't being very helpful. The images will need to be suitable for printing; at least 300 x 300, preferably better than that.

Thanks all.
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If you're talking about the 30s and 40s, there's fewer things from this period definitely in the public domain than most people think there are. Now, you may not find anyone alive interested in pursuing licensing, but that's a different question.
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Response by poster: Right. Wikimedia claims that the copyright on much of the early run of Amazing Stories lapsed in the 1950s, but unfortunately their scans aren't especially high-resolution (and I don't necessarily trust their research). I'm going to call the Amazing archives at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside tomorrow to see what they think the copyright status is.
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