How do I more easily keep track of job changes using LinkedIn?
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LINKEDIN POWER USER TIP: How do I easily find out when someone changes jobs using LinkedIn?

I have an extensive contact list on LinkedIn and would like to more easily find out when someone has updated their Professional information. The main reason is so I can find out when someone has changed jobs or updated their info. I want to stay on top of what people are doing and send congratulations if they change jobs.

Short of manually going through the list (which at 500+ people is a bit unrealistic), I'm at a loss to accomplish this. Any ideas?
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On the main page when you log in, click on the arrow under "Recent Activity" and change it to "Profile Updates." That should get you just when people update their profiles (usually to change job titles) It looks like you can RSS that too.
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Response by poster: I might sound like an idiot here, but I don't see "Recent Activity." I logged in to my page again and looked for "Recent Activity." All I see is "Network Activity." There is a customize link, but no "Profile Updates" selection. Am I looking in the wrong place?

I feel like a dunce here since this is what I do for a living for a big company. But I'm just at a complete loss here.
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Honestly can't recall what I did when I set up my Linkedin account eons ago, but I get an auto generated email whenever one of my contacts updates their account in any way (even if it's just adding new contacts). I don't have a ton of contacts and none of them are power users so I don't get them very frequently, but they do pop up in my gmail account now and again.
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A social network aggregator like Digsby can give you pop-up notifications for LinkedIn (as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail); it will also show you a list of recent Linkedin updates.
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zooropa: "I might sound like an idiot here, but I don't see "Recent Activity." I logged in to my page again and looked for "Recent Activity." All I see is "Network Activity.""

Try going to
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OK, this may be what you're looking for. Go to contacts. On the right hand side is a column labeled All Connections. At the bottom of that list you can select "Recent Activity."
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You can get an RSS feed of all your contacts activity. The problem if you have a lot of contacts is that the feed can easily be several hundred items per day, especially if you have any contacts that obsessively update LinkedIn via Twitter 20+ times per day. There is no way that I'm aware of to filter that feed. I tried once with Yahoo Pipes to filter out the worst Twitter offenders, but I could not get it to work.
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Response by poster: *sigh*

You would think that a social network focused on people's professional careers would make it easier for people to find updates to their professional lives.

l33tpolicywonk > Sorry, it's still not working. All I see is "Network Activity."

kaybdc > Thanks! Unfortunately, that just tells me who has connected to me recently. It doesn't list out updates or changes to people's profiles.

Thanks, folks. I definitely appreciate any and all assistance. It's very helpful!
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Best answer: On the same line as "Network Activity" there's a "Customize" link in small font. On that page are radio buttons where you can choose what to display, and how many, and one such radio option is "Changes to your connections' status" - so you could choose to hide everything else and thus turn your 'Network Activity' feed into a pure status update feed.

(Or possibly the radio option you want is "When connections change profile information" - I am not a Linkedin power user..)
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