Which mountain would you recommend for a beginner?
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A friend and I want to climb a mountain, ideally inside Europe. Only question, which one? Advice for beginners much appreciated!

A friend and I would love to climb a mountain sometime next summer. We are looking for a suitable mountain.

1. We are based in the UK so anywhere in Europe would be good. Other than that, no preference.

2. Both of us are relative beginners and lack major mountain climbing experience, though we are active and physically in good shape. We are open to hiring a porter/guide if something is tricky.

3. A nice snowy summit would be cool!

Any other beginner related mountain climbing stories/tips/guides/links also appreciated! Thanks Mifi :)
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Ben Nevis. Highest in the UK, relatively easy to ascend.
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Pricey, but so worth it: Summits and Skills Course with the International School of Mountaineering.

Excellent for beginners: a week in the Alps, four people per guide, they take you through basic climbing skills, teach you to walk in crampons, how to rope up, basic ice climbing, crevasse rescue, and you bag a couple peaks. (We started with the Pigne de la Le and finished with the Weissmies - a 4000m peak). The pace is great to build you up throughout the week and acclimatize you for your "big peak" of the week. Snowy loveliness on top in July.

I can't recommend it highly enough.
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I was also going going to say Ben Nevis but make it the last leg of your West Highland Way hike and it'll feel like a larger accomplishment.
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There are tons of hard to easy walking type routes in England that could be done safely in winter or summer conditions by beginners. Bring up a list from the British mountaineering council or some site like http://www.walkingenglishman.com/lakes1.htm and just pick something that you like.

If you're serious about the mountaineering aspect it will be much more fun/safe/educational to hire a guide somewhere to take you on a more technical trip.

My advice if going alone, is to pick something much easier than you think you'll be able to do.
There is "good" shape, marathon" shape and then mountaineering/alpinist shape.

Don't wait too long either! Just get out there and have some fun. It's truly one of the greatest things in life.
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Response by poster: Cool, thanks for the suggestion guys. This has helped immensely. I will look into all your suggestions.
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